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Strong and Unique Argumentative Essay Topics

Think of the argumentative essay as your attempt to convince someone of your point of view or to take a stand on a subject and convince someone to take a course of action. Either one of these could be your mission in the argumentative essay.

Structure of the Argumentative Essay

Take a stand type of essays and essays in which you try to move your reader to action always follow one or two very specific structures.

Structure One—Two Introductory Paragraphs with One Ending in Thesis

When you have a lot to discuss about your thesis, and want to discuss it briefly before leaping right into your thesis, try musing on your topic in paragraph one, then moving into your thesis at the end of paragraph two. Then, use the body paragraphs as evidence of that thesis and move to your conclusion in the final paragraph.

Structure Two—Introductory Paragraph With Thesis at the End of Intro

Structure two is for when you are ready to move right into your thesis. Construct your first sentences about your prompt and then move to your thesis at the end of paragraph one. Then use your body paragraphs as evidence for your thesis, moving to a close in which you convince someone to act or reassert your “stand” at the end.

Great Ideas for Strong and Unique Topics for the Argumentative Essay

  1. 1. Would Bunnies Test Cosmetics on Us?: Let’s Stop Unnecessary Testing on Animals Now!
  2. 2. Can’t You Feel it In The Air? Why We Must Act to Save the Planet Now
  3. 3. The End of the Dinner Table?: What are We Losing to Cell Phones?
  4. 4. Let’s Get our Family Back: Stop Tweeting During Trips
  5. 5. Would You Want to Live in a Cage: Are Zoos Ethical?
  6. 6. Whatever it Takes to Further Science: Why I Believe Cloning is Acceptable?
  7. 7. What will Happen When Computers Gain Feelings: A Stand on the Takeover of Machines.
  8. 8. Alcohol Ads Should Go the Way of the Camel Camel -- Banned on TV
  9. 9. Why We Need Alcohol Advertising: The Funds we Would Lose if We Lose the Budweiser Frog
  10. 10. Is Going Green Going Out: Why Going Green Doesn’t Work
  11. 11. Our Children Are Dying: Stop Buying Happy Meals and Save Your Child’s Life
  12. 12. Why Same-Sex Marriage Should be Legalized Now
  13. 13. Why Same-Sex Marriage Violates Our Most Fundamental Laws
  14. 14. Birth Control Should Be Allowed Without Parental Consent
  15. 15. The HPV Vaccine Should Be Required for Ages 12 On Up
  16. 16. Watch the News and Get Convinced: Gratuitous Violence on TV Should be Banned
  17. 17. How Drug Testing in the Workplace Violates our Constitutional Rights
  18. 18. The Small House Movement: Sacrifice Luxury and Save the World
  19. 19. Violent Video Games Do Create Violent Teens
  20. 20. Homeschooling Works: Why Getting Kids Out of School May Save Them