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10 Great Ideas For Your Next Term Paper In Business

Great ideas for a paper in business are often hard to come up with since there is already so much information already written on this subject. But have no fear, below you will find a list of wonderful ideas for your next paper. These ideas will work for a high school student, a college student, and a graduate student.

  1. 1. Your first and most trending topic idea could be the “Apple versus Samsung” concept. Incorporating ideas on which business paths and guidelines each company follows, you can bring to light some great business ideas that will stand out in your paper.
  2. 2. Academic preparation in the business field. This topic will reflect on your peers therefore making your topic more interesting and more relatable. This includes the method and career path that lead into holding a job in the business field.
  3. 3. Taxation is another major topic in the business spectrum. People have mixed feelings and opinions about taxation so be sure to have an open-minded approach when discussing this topic in your paper.
  4. 4. Funding non-profit organizations. Another controversial topic that includes the opinions and business mentality of many individuals that either support or oppose the cause.
  5. 5. Real estate. A separate business concept of its own. Many people have made a lot of money off this concept. It can hands down be one the best business paths to take so surely it is a great one to discuss.
  6. 6. Credit Cards! These things are a key factor in business. Their direct relation to the banks and interest can have an appealing interest for those who are wondering how credit works and their involvement in the business field.
  7. 7. Social Security is a topic that may have a limited audience but should be considered by everyone at an early age. This topic is under constant debate within the government considering its regulations. Discuss the ways in which social security works and how it can benefit us all.
  8. 8. Farmers in the business industry. In this topic, you can discuss how farmers make a living in the modern era. How do they keep up with a never-ending technologically advancing industry and still make money, especially with all the speculation around farm products and how they farm their products.
  9. 9. Healthcare is a major business topic. Our government is consistently reforming our healthcare policies and they take certain business pathways to do so. They need funds to help maintain a beneficial healthcare system and make sure they cater to everyone’s healthcare needs.
  10. 10. One of the best topics to write about is the recent recession. It is a modern day occurrence that many of us have experienced and should be discussed with numerous viewpoints involved and how our nation went about to handle the problem.