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Mastering a Research Paper in APA Formatting Style

Research papers become easier once a person has written three or four, but to become a true master of the research paper it takes a lot of practice. Practice and skill, and a set of rules that the student always follows in order to master the research paper, come in handy. APA style requires a set of very special rules when it comes to writing the research paper and once a student gets the main rules memorized, and put into practice often, it becomes second nature.

APA Format Requirements

The paper is divided into four sections.

  • The reference page holds all the sources of information used.
  • The most common reference is a book reference and that should be formatted as: last name, first name of author (Year of Publication). Title of work.  Location of Publishing Company.  Publishing company.  
  • The reference page should be listed in alphabetical order by the last name of the reference.
  • The paper has a running header of the student’s name and page number.  This header can’t be longer than 50 characters, including spaces.
  • The paper has to be in Times New Roman font with a size of 12 points.  This is not a suggestion either. To be a master APA it must be this way.
  • The paper is printed on standard-sized paper with one inch margins on all sides.  
  • The paper will have double spacing. The spacing can’t be 1.5 or 2.2.  It must be double.  There are no exceptions.
  • Once the student has practiced, worked on their skill, and followed all the rules for the research paper in APA format, they will become a master on the task. These guidelines or rules will help anyone with the task of mastering the research paper in APA format.