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The Presidency of Barrack Obama – Essay Example

The first African-American United States’ president was born in Hawaii, raised by his grandparents prior to becoming an Illinois Senator. The presidency of Barrack Obama was offset in January 20th, 2009. Obama’s Presidency was inherited from George Bush whose presidency was facilitated with a series of terrorist attacks. Taking into consideration Obama’s speech noted in National Archives, it is evident that Obama’s presidency has an aim of ensuring higher levels of national security through eliminating any form of terror attack on the United States soil. While in office, matters related to financial crises was listed among Obama’s policy decisions. Inclusively, issues on tax policy changes and the matter of the healthcare industry were also covered. Obama’s victory came about when the economy of the state was at a devastating state: It was near a fall. As a result, the presidency has an aim of saving the near free-fall economy resulting into a great recession within the levels of the economy.

Obama’s presidency has a characteristic of series of wins and losses. Within the first two years, president Obama successfully passed a number of legislation such as the healthcare bill. The bill on health care meant offering massive coverage with an ability of providing an affordable healthcare on universal grounds. In addition, Barrack’s presidency is also characterized by prominent victories such as the $787 billion Stimulus Bill as a characteristic. The passing of the bill took place one month later after inheriting the presidency from Bush. The stimulus bill stored up a catering economy as well as a reform on the financial regulation which had an aim of reducing the odds, associated to a Wall Street Meltdown. Other than the wins characterizing Obama’s presidency, some losses are also evident. For instance, the high levels of unemployment still remained to be a significant issue of concern. As a result, the popularity of Obama’s presidency fell from 70 percent to 50 percent.