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7 Great Ways of Gaining Academic Writing Skills

This guide is going to help you develop the skills you need to succeed at academic writing. What are the big seven tips?

  1. Hire a tutor
  2. Ask a teacher
  3. Ask a fellow student
  4. Practice makes perfect
  5. Use the web
  6. Read essays written by famous authors
  7. Work with the librarian

Hire a Tutor and Practice

Combine steps one and four and you’ll develop your skills very quickly. Hire a tutor to sit down with you and help you understand how to write a paper. Follow their tips and write practice essays on topics that interest you.

Doing this will allow you to focus on developing your skills instead of obtaining a grade. It removes the pressure normally associated with academic writing, meaning you’ll be able to focus on what matters most.

Ask a teacher or fellow student

The people you see every day in class are one of the best sources. Ask your teacher to spend a few minutes helping you understand what it takes to write great academic papers. Ask star pupils (you know, the teacher’s pets).

They will be more than thrilled to provide some guidance. Take their advice and practice. Then ask them to take a look at what you’ve done. They’ll help you identifying your weaknesses, which you can improve. They’ll point out your strengths which will boost your confidence.

Use the Web to Find Essays Written by Famous Authors

Thoreau is considered one of the best essayists of all time. Stephen King is pretty good, too. You can use the web to find essays written by these authors, as well as many others.

Analyze their essays and try to figure out how they structured their points to deliver an impactful piece.

Use the web to find tips written by other students, teachers, and expert writers.

Work with the Librarian

Their job is to sit around and figure out how to sort information for easy retrieval. It includes reading tons and tons of materials on all sorts of topics. Most librarians have read thousands of books and are constantly expanding their reading list.

They know a good essay when they see one, too. Ask them to provide pointers and tips. Most of them feel underutilized since the internet has made them obsolete. They have lots of free time and are more than capable of helping you grow your skills.

These seven tips should have you on the path to academic writing excellence.