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Choosing a topic for an abortion research paper

If you have to write an abortion research paper your job isn’t to demonstrate how you feel about the topic. Nor is it to help the reader understand how he or she should feel when it comes to abortion. Your goal is to write a paper that shows nothing more than cold hard facts about the topic.

So how do you choose a specific focus for this paper?

Three Ares of Focus

  1. Economic issues regarding abortion – micro or macro
  2. Psychological issues caused by abortion – both in children that were not aborted and in families who have chosen abortion
  3. Violence and hatred perpetuated by extremists in society due to the controversial topic

These topics all provide for an outstanding paper to be written. The most important thing is that you use credible sources when writing your paper. These sources should provide details, statistics, and stories that are true.

For instance, if you’re focusing on the macroeconomics of abortion, you can show how pro-life laws would cause an increased burden on the medical system in the United States. You can demonstrate this rather easily by finding sources that collect data on areas where abortion is acceptable and compare them to statistics in areas where abortion is typically frowned upon.

Avoid Persuasive Techniques

You are going to completely fail your assignment if you allow your true feelings to seep into the paper. You need to completely avoid any indication of what you think about abortion. Your goal should only be to demonstrate whether or not abortion has some measurable effect on society.

You can, for instance, show the psychological stresses involved when parents decide to move forward with an abortion. You can also show what psychological stresses exist if they decide not to when it may have been in their best interest. You can also focus on the psychology of children born to families that were incapable of raising another child.

These are objective positions that will merely demonstrate the validity of both sides. In your conclusion there may be some resemblance of an opinion, but it should be kept to a minimum.

Stick to the Facts!

If you stick to the facts then you can be sure that your paper will be graded on its merits as a research paper alone. Of course, if your teacher is particularly difficult and feels strongly one way or the other you might be doomed. But there’s nothing you can do about that.