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Business Studies GCSE Coursework Writing Guide

Business Studies is quite the broad subject to write on for the student. There are so many topics you will experience in the course of your GCSE studies in business. Of course the student should have an idea on what to write about given that they’ve been the course the whole time and have gotten to the point where it is time to finish up or start on their coursework.

For the student who made it through the term and is still clueless as to what they should focus on, we have provided a few topics that can be used as focal points of your coursework or jump off points for your research.


It is important to research all or a few of these topics. You may just find come up with a topic not mentioned. Once research and mind jogging has been completed, you’ll want to focus on a specific topic or topics and draw out the main talking points from those topics.

Note that some of the topics mentioned will actually go deeper in detail. This is just a “shortlist” of sorts to explore.


Selecting the focus can be a somewhat difficult task. You may be feeling confident in your ability to take on the coursework and don’t mind handling all of the topics you’ve researched. This will definitely make for a bombastic term paper and greatly demonstrate your grasp on what was learned that term.

For those who aren’t as focused—or enthused—you can tackle a specific topic for your coursework. By taking on one topic—or a series of related topics—you narrow the field down and eliminate actually having to study the other topics outside of cross referencing and seeing how they affect the topic you’ve selected.

Strip Down The Topic(s)

When you “strip down” the topics, you’re looking for the problem there and seeking the solution. Both of these should be stated during your coursework. Once stated, go from point A to point B with the “distance” between the two being the meat of your coursework in this area.

You will close your paper out by elaborating not just on the solution, but what you learned during the topic discussed and whatever effects it might have on society or the area of business you decided to focus on.