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Croatia is located in Europe along the Balkan Peninsula and the Adriatic Sea. The area is densely populated with just fewer than 5 million people that are mostly Muslim and Christian. Most of the population is Roman Catholic with their government being run by three types of leadership including a prime minister, president and president of parliament. The area heavily depends on the service industry to create revenue such as food processing, chemicals and shipbuilding. The area is known for producing nature sources such as seeds, wheat and grains. Lumber is another product it produces due to the vast amount of forests and woodlands.

Croatia had a war that lasted roughly 4 years in the early 1990s that ended in several casualties that contributed to the reduction of their population. The Croats and the Serb fought as they lived in the country, but many were forced out due to the Croatian War of Independence. Since these events have happened the country is recognized by the European Union and the United Nations. Even though the country has had a brief period of unrest, many people enjoy traveling here when they have leisure time.

The county offers amazing views of the beach and great culture that includes cuisine with various ethnic backgrounds. There are plenty of things to do and places to visit. There are festivals and other social events that happen each year that continue to draw large crowds. Aside from the service industry, tourism helps the country earn additional revenue with many people visiting Croatia and nearby areas each year with the convenience of affordable travel packages to a number of European destinations. Some travelers feel this a trip of a lifetime with plenty of things to choose from.

The weather is often comfortable all year round and tourism in the areas has increased over the years and the area provides an abundance of culture and ethnic elements that make it a place you want to visit. The country itself has had several issues to deal with since becoming independent, but they are not any different than other countries with the exception of their size population. The country continues to build relations with other nations while strengthening their contributions in the service industry. Because of events from the war, so wonder if any people considered going back to the area since it has improved in more ways than one.