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Development of a Matlab Simulation Environment - Research Paper Example

MATLAB is a high level programming language and interactive environment for visualization, programming and numerical computing. It is largely used by engineers, scientists and mathematicians.MATLAB is used for analyzing data, developing algorithms and creating applications and models. The inbuilt tools and mathematical functions enable the user to look at several approaches and come up with solutions faster compared to traditional programming languages such as Pascal, java or C. According to MATLAB is used by more than 1 million scientists and engineers all around the globe.

The MATLAB development environment is a combination of graphical user interface tools to help the user manipulate MATLAB files and functions. It covers starting up, quitting MATLAB, and the functions and tools that assist you to work with MATLAB files and variables, as well as the MATLAB desktop.

In developing a system simulation environment in Matlab, Special attention is accentuated on the analog circuit.Negative effects are apprehensive in the system model,such as, DC offset,TX-RX coupling, phase noise of the local oscillator, AWGN noise, reflection of the environment, I/Q mismatch,etc. The system performances evaluated by changing the parameters of building blocks, coding method and the distance of operation. When a code is written in MATLAB, the user may make it executable to run the code as a standalone appliance outside the Matlab m-file. A standalone executable can be created by the Matlab Compiler from the Matlab code, which can subsequently run in a run time engine. Once the code is compiled, the standalone application, along with the engine, can be shared with other users.

The environment allows you to explore multiple approaches and ideas. MATLAB language automatically manages other low-level programming details such as variable typing and memory management, allowing the user to focus on they want the algorithm to do. The algorithm can later be tested to check its performance under the real world.

Once your algorithm is fully tested and optimized, MATLAB provides several ways to share it with others, as well as a range of options for publishing and documenting your results and code. Algorithms can be deployed as software which can be in cooperated with other programming languages or a standalone code application.