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Tips for Dummies: How to write a Research Paper Introduction

The introduction is the most important part of the paper in regards of grasping the reader’s attention so that he or she is interested in reading on.  It’s simple really.  If your introduction is unable to do that, there is really no point in writing the rest of the paper.  Also, the introduction sets the tone and success for the rest of the research paper.  Here are tips for dummies on how to write a research paper introduction.  (You’re not actually being thought of as a “dummy!”)

First, Select a Topic you like and that thoroughly Interests You

Second, Make Sure Your Topic is Easily Arguable

Third, ensure you include the Key Elements of an Introduction

Fourth, Make an Outline for Your introduction

After you have done all the above in the recommended order, you should be ready to write the first draft of the introduction portion of your research paper in a well thought-out, cohesive fashion that inspires your reader to read on.