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A List Of Interesting Research Paper Topics: Going Off The Beaten Path

You need to impress people with your term paper. In order to do this, you will have to pick an interesting and original topic. Do not shy away from controversial issues as they are often the ones that evoke the best reaction.

Regardless of what topic you choose, you need to remember that the main objective of any research paper is to be educational and present an issue from a new angle. It’s also imperative that you offer some solutions to the problems discussed in your essay.

Here are a few suggestions you can use when you can’t come up with any interesting ideas on your own:

  1. Our lives in 2100. Is it possible to prevent a disaster?
  2. Focus on one particular field, for example ecology or economy, and try to predict what changes will occur in this area by 2100. Can some of the negative possibilities be prevented by introducing some changes today?

  3. The most successful person in the world.
  4. Present a short biography of a person you admire and explain why you believe him or her to be the most successful? What did this person do to achieve and more importantly, hold onto their success?

  5. Reach out a helping hand.
  6. This should be a narrative. Describe a situation from your past when you helped someone. Why did you do this? What resulted from this situation?

  7. Contentment or popularity: which is more important?
  8. Offer your opinion on whether it’s more important to be content with your life or to be popular and famous. Offer some historical examples and do some research in psychology to support your reasoning.

  9. Career development strategies.
  10. You can use this essay to both learn how to build a successful career and share this knowledge with your friends. Research the matter thoroughly and offer your own ideas on the subject.

  11. Is world peace a possibility?
  12. World peace is the ultimate goal of many organizations, but people are still fighting wars. Why does this happen? Will this situation ever change?

  13. Is being an intellectual necessary to succeed in life?
  14. Define “intellectual”. What are the traits this person must possess? How will they help him or her succeed? Is it possible to succeed without them?

  15. Use of aphrodisiacs as a form of coercion.
  16. Research these chemical substances and the reaction they cause in a person’s body. Can slipping someone an aphrodisiac and taking advantage of the situation be considered rape?

  17. Why is soccer so popular?

  18. Globalization pros and cons.