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10 unique psychology topics for a research paper

Generating Therapeutic Ideas When You Think on Topics

Psychology is a class that has a great attribute – paper topics are so interesting you often want to write about them. What else is great is you can kind of direct the topic to any issue you might be having psychologically—from stress, to depression, to an obsession with food or perfectionism. Therefore, writing the paper will not only get you that A you need in psychology, it also might prove therapeutic as well! Isn’t that an interesting fact?

Ideas for a Research Paper.

So look at yourself. What issues are bothering you and keeping you awake at night? Are you projected to much upon the future and this is creating stress for you—you could search for topics or new findings in stress studies. Sleep studies are constantly being conducted now as well as all our iPads and other electronic devices are flooding our brains with a white-blue light that really affects our sleeping patterns. Some adults who use computers for more than eight hours today do not even sleep when they go to bed—they just rest.

Is ADD Being Over diagnosed in children and Teens today? An examination of children, medication, and the plethora of ADD disorders in America.

Now see that “in America” focus there—I did that because a global study would be far too big to tackle in an brief essay. You must find ways to narrow and narrow your criteria until you have a doable project for the length of your paper.

So, I could edit concept one even further—a study of 9 to 12 year olds in America.

This way, I have one, small specific group to discuss instead of millions of Americans.

More Ideas

  1. 1. Heroin and Addiction: Are Heroin Addicts Doomed to Overdose?
  2. 2. Native Americans and Alcoholism: What We Learned About the Brain and Psychology that Can Inform Us About Addiction?
  3. 3. Borderline Personality Disease: Prescriptions that will work.
  4. 4. Should personal counselors be allowed to prescribe medications.
  5. 5. How has Obamacare affected the Practice of Psychology?
  6. 6. Bi-Polar Disorders: New Findings About this Strange Illness Today
  7. 7. Teens and Bullying—How Counseling Can Save Lives Today
  8. 8. Social Media and the Psychological Effects it Has on Teens
  9. 9. Carl Jung’s Theories and Their Relevance in Psychology today.

I’ve given you a good idea of projects you can do for psychology.

We wish you luck.