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Help Me Write An Impressive And Explicit Outline For A Research Paper

A research paper outline is the first draft you prepare for creating a strategy and procedure for the researcher by streamlining the research work in an organized and structured manner. The outline that you develop will make the research you undertake look organized and well planned. Before developing an outline for the research paper, you must always ensure that you have referred and collected sufficient information on addressing the research problem. Unless you know what you are talking about through the research paper, which is again supported by credible resources and citations, that forms part of the secondary data that is collected for the research, you cannot frame a relevant outline for the research.

Therefore to write an impressive and explicit outline for your research paper, you must ensure that you follow the below procedure:

  1. 1. Collect all documents to support your research study
  2. When you have enough resources to look at, half of your job is accomplished for the research. By referring to these resources which may be in the form of newspaper article, magazine article, books or journals or any other credible online resource, you develop a broad perspective on the research problem. This helps to sail you through the various challenges encountered on the research process.

  3. 2. Organize the collected information to follow a sequential flow or order
  4. The vast collection of resources may offer you great knowledge, but unless you set the right priorities to accomplish the research, you will not achieve success in your endeavor. Therefore it is mandatory to follow a logical sequence for developing the research outline.

  5. 3. Segregate relevant information by removing irrelevant information for the specific research problem
  6. Often researchers take you through a world tour, in order to address the problem of a local issue. This will lead to unnecessary deviations in the research and the research will not be directed to a specific goal.

  7. 4. Make sure you present meaningful arguments or areas to ponder on your research
  8. Your expertise on the research problem will be based on how you base your arguments for research and which areas you choose to focus for the research theme. Your arguments must support your outline and be relevant to the research issue.

  9. 5. Follow the basic structure
  10. Lastly make sure you follow the basic structure and format of an outline where the paper starts with an introduction, aims and objectives, literature review, research methodology, findings and analysis, discussion, conclusion that includes recommendations, implications, limitation and lastly reference followed by appendix. So, the basic structure of the research outline remains the same but how you structure the outline as per the research needs is the main concern on which you need to take a serious decision.