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How To Create A Good Argumentative Essay About Killing Animals For Food

Most everyone can argue—with friends, parents, or classmates—but writing a good argumentative essay takes skill. Follow this easy advice to create a great argumentative essay about killing animals for food.

  1. Choose a side to argue
  2. The first step is choosing a side to argue. In this case, is will essentially either be for or against killing animals for food. At this point you don’t need to worry about the why part of it: just choose the basic argument to make. It doesn’t matter whether it is what you really believe. In fact, often times the most interesting argumentative papers come out of arguing against what you really think, because it forces you to carefully construct a logical argument, and not just fall back on beliefs.

  3. Build your argument around a main point
  4. Once you’ve decided whether to argue for or against killing animals for food, you’ll need to come up with an argument for why it is so. There are many different directions you can go in for either side. For instance, while arguing against killing animals for food you could either site ethical, environmental, or health reasons. But it is best to center your argument around a single point, and spend your essay thoroughly exploring and defending it, rather than shallowly touching on a number of different points. For instance, you could argue that animals are sentient, and can feel pain, therefor it is immoral to kill them. With this strategy, you will first want to establish that all animals are sentient, even fish. Then you will need to establish why it is immoral to kill a sentient creature.

  5. Research supporting evidence
  6. It can be very helpful research supporting evidence for your argument to bolster it. This won’t be hard with the topic of whether its wrong to kill and eat animals, because it’s been written on by countless philosophers and thinkers. Try to pick out specific points that they make to quote in your paper, while adding your own as well.

  7. Include rebuttals
  8. An important part of crafting any argument, and writing an argumentative essay, is to include rebuttals. Rebuttals are an opportunity for you to address what the other side of the issue might say to argue against your points. When you address these arguments in your paper, are give a counter-argument, it will further strengthen your own argument.