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How To Write My Essay In A Couple Of Hours

Procrastination strikes again! It is hours before the final deadline and your essay isn’t even close to finished. You have only sat down to write it now and your already suffering from writers block. I bet you wished that you’d taken our advice to start all of your projects the day that were assigned. I guess that doesn’t matter now, what is important is getting YOUR ESSAY DONE IN 2 HOURS!

Writing a full academic essay is completely possible to do in only two hours if you know a few tricks to help you focus and get it done. We carefully outlined a strategy to making it happen.

  1. 20 Minute Research Session
  2. Set your timer; you have twenty minutes to research your topic in depth. Forget about heading to the library we don’t have time for that; you are going to have to get your study buddy Google working for you if you intend to pull this off.

    Google These Things:

    • The topic
    • Your Thesis
    • Your Hypothesis

    For example say the topic is “Should Abortion Be Legalized?”

    The topic is, abortion. Your Thesis is either I believe that abortion should be legalized because… or Evidence shows that abortion should not be legalized because…

    The thesis doesn’t have to be fully developed yet, and if you can’t decide web search both and choose the one with the most evidence readily available. (No time to be choosey)

  3. 30 Minute Outline Time
  4. Okay, in 30 minutes organize EVERYTHING into a 5-paragraph outline structure. In case you have forgotten a 5 Paragraph outline looks like this.

    I. Introduction

    II. Supporting Evidence 1

    III. Supporting Evidence 2

    VI. Supporting Evidence 3

    V. Conclusion

    This structure is your best formatting option on a tight deadline because it allows you to sort things out and select the most relevant information without getting too fancy.

  5. 1 Hour Of Straight Writing
  6. Now that you have an outline take 60 minutes and just write. Don’t stop for spellcheck, grammar check, or fact check. Use your pretty little outline and make it work. Stretch the details if you have to, glamourize the remarks, make that essay a work of literary genius in only an hour.

  7. 10 Minute Tidy
  8. Okay; remember now boys and girls beggars can’t be choosers. Start with your word processing spelling and grammar check and proofread your work. Then go back and re-read it a few times to make sure it makes sense and is properly organized. With any remaining time, clean up some of your vocabulary and eliminate unnecessary details. Try to make things as clean, concise and two the point as you can.