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Tips for creating an interesting descriptive essay

Students often find it easier to research their topic instead of writing about it. But with descriptive essays, in a sense, it is like you are thinking out loud but in written form. This is a writing exercise that allows you to use all 5 senses to help describe an event or thought. It may be easier to visualize your concept than it is to write it down. Yet, when you know the right words to describe related thoughts and senses, it helps pull readers into the experience. The following tips may help you understand how to use critical thinking and creative writing skills to produce a quality descriptive essay.

When you are writing about a place or location it helps to close your eyes to create a better visual. You can see yourself better when you block out things currently around you to have a heighten sense of recalling details. Certain senses tend to feed off of each other to help you create a visual picture. This may include what people, objects, sounds and even smells were present. You may even recall how you felt or emotions you experienced. What words or thoughts come to mind when you do this? You may want to take notes on what you are thinking about that you want to include in your essay.

Be open and avoid being limited when it comes to language and context. Instead of saying the sun was shining, you can elaborate more and take it a step further to help recreate the scene. You can say the sun shined brightly in a clear blue sky. Part of a descriptive essay relies on how well you detail and describe your situation. Make your descriptions as if the reader is actually there or they want to be there.

Don’t be shy about how you describe your content. If you self-criticize too much about the idea or feel it is silly, you may not be letting yourself be expressive in the manner that will draw all senses to your content. A reader may not agree with what you write and that is okay. Use strong descriptions to help get your visual picture across. Describe feelings, actions, and other concepts related to the situation to help it come alive not just on paper, but in the mind of the reader.