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European History Essays - 5 Tips to Succeed

Writing an easy for European history can be extremely difficult. This is the case whether you are trying to answer a simple essay question or writing a full blown essay paper for the class. While you might feel that the essay is overwhelming you should work on these five tips to ensure that your essay goes perfectly and you are able to submit it with a smile on your face.

Address All Parts

If your paper is asking about political, economic, and social reasons for something you need to ensure that you address all aspects of the three reasons. Another example would be if you are asked to compare a woman's role in the Reformation and the Renaissance you need to go over both of them in depth. One of the mistakes that is most common is not addressing the full question that the essay revolves around. Take the time to look at the top and make sure you address it all.

Thesis That is Comprehensive

Your thesis needs to be in the opening paragraph and it needs to answer the question in a detailed fashion. When writing your thesis don't restate the question for the paper.

Stay Focused

You also want to make sure that you are staying focused on the question and not straying off on a tangent. This means if you are given dates make sure you don't discuss anything outside of the dates that were given.

Provide Specifics

The body of your essay needs to show your readers instead of telling them. You can use treaties, dates, figures, wars, events, and more to prove your point. Use as many details as possible to support what you are trying to say and make sure that you cite the sources used when necessary.


The last thing you want to remember is to organize the essay. It needs to flow correctly and be straight to the point. You can organize the paper however you see fit but it should be able to flow easily from beginning to end and your reader should not get confused when reading the essay. The conclusion paragraph needs to restate the thesis but it needs to do it briefly and wrap up the essay.

These five tips can help make all the difference in the world when it comes to writing your essay. If you follow them you are sure to see how much easier the writing process can be.