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An Essay Can Have Many Purposes

Essays are assigned and written for multiple reasons. Depending on the course, there are a variety of essay types, styles and topics.

The general purpose, from a teaching standpoint, is assessing a student’s ability to communicate and understand a topic. Many universities and graduate programs also include essays in entrance applications and even graduation requirements. There are many ways that a student is assessed through assignments involving essays and research writing.

Why an Essay?

No matter the topic, an essay establishes that you know a subject. It also proves your ability to argue it effectively. In the case of research papers, this is plainly obvious. But, in relation to entrance and exit requirements for universities and other schools, the decision to require essays is a little more complex.

It is much easier to convey academic understanding through the use of an essay than it is through the successful completion of a test or quiz. And many organizations are realizing this and shifting their focus to academic writing over academic testing.

Entrance Essays

Most universities, and some technical programs, require applicants to submit an essay with their entrance application. With school admission swiftly becoming a tough competition between hundreds (if not thousands) of qualified students, these essays make the acceptance process easier for the boards tasked with narrowing down the pool of students interested in attending their school.

A solid entrance essay is a great way to make a statement about yourself and your abilities. A well-written entrance essay lets admission staff know:

Graduation Requirements

Some graduates at both the high school and college levels are required to submit an essay for review before they are granted a pass to graduate. This is on top of regular grade and class-completion requirements. And there is typically a board of teachers, counselors and other school staff that review the final work. But why?

An effectively planned and executed essay conveys:

Essays in Education

Essays are an important part of the education process. In virtually all academic programs, at all levels, there are some essays required of students. As a means of showcasing your abilities and highlighting your knowledge, essays are an effective way to enhance your learning and your grades.