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How to select a suitable movie review format?

When you set out to write a movie review the basic tenants of journalism should be remembered, supply the five essential questions and answer them for the reader. Yet to be successful at creating a good movie review a writer needs to seek to entertain as well as inform. There are a thousand other writers out there who can write a movie review so yours needs to be set apart from the rest. This can be done by choosing the right movie review format that can portray your significant wit and intelligence. This is a simple method for writing movie reviews.

Get the Facts

One of the first things that any reporter is going to do is gather the facts. When it comes to movies the facts can be gathered well before you actually view the movie. The basic information about a film is going to involve the actors staring in the picture, the production budget, the producer, the director and even the location where the film was shot. It is also important to understand the genre the movie is going to fall under.

Watch the movie

The next step seems obvious but you would be surprised the number of people who attempt to create movie review without watching the whole movie. Sit down, take the time to watch the whole movie and take notes throughout the process. The notes that you are going to take will allow you to check back over your thoughts as you create the movie review that you are going to publish. Remember there are going to have to be specific facts given in support of your opinion. Remember to relay the facts throughout your review so that you reader knows it is valid.

Don’t be Extreme

When you read a movie review from someone there seem to be written by people who are either really biased against the movie or overly positive and glowing. It is best to fall in between these two extremes if you want to have any validity at all. Movie reviewers that like everything are not going to be taken seriously because not every movie is awesome. They should be working as a public servant and warn people not to waste money seeing, or renting a poor movie. On the other hand, there are people who choose to be negative about everything and nobody pays any more attention to them. Somewhere there has to be a good movie that had a plot they liked. Being constantly negative is easy and safe when it comes to movie reviewing. To do a good job, be honest and tell it like you see it. That will lead to the best reviews.